Outreach Officers.
Louis Dale

Education Outreach Officer

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Admissions Enquiry Advisor at University of Birmingham.
BSc Social Psychology Graduate.

Serena Tugnet

Wellbeing Outreach Officer

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Research Assistant.
Final Year Student BSc in Psychology.

Safeguarding Officers.
Sheena Bhuva

Safeguarding Officer

Honorary Assistant Psychologist.
MSc Student in Mental Health and Clinical Psychology.

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Thomas New

Safeguarding Officer

RAF Corporal & Communications Engineer.
Final Year Student BSc in Forensic Science.

Nicole Bradley

Safeguarding Officer

Helpline Volunteer.
Final Year Student BSc in Clinical Psychology.

Rebecca Noble
Emma Berger

Content Creation Assistant (YouTube)

Educational Research Assistant

Video Editor & Digital Marketer.
Final Year BA Student in Filmmaking.

Experience with Young People.
Final Year BA Student in History.

Ellie-Mae Rattigan

Educational Research Assistant

BSc Student in Forensic Psychology.

Georgia Rotherham
Siobhan Doyle

Safeguarding Assistant

Student Support & Events Assistant

Experienced in the Crimincal Justice System.
BA Student in Sociology & Criminology.

University SU LGBT+ Officer.
Final Year BA Student in Human Geography.

Marley Callaway
Rhiannon Barron
Lorna Aspinall

Content Creation Assistant (Instagram & Twitter)

Student Support & Events Assistant

Marketing Assistant

University Digital Ambassador.
Final Year BA Student in Visual Communications.

Motorsports and Football fan.
Student in Travel & Tourism.

Previously Secretary for Grey College JCR.
MSc Student in Marketing.

#BeyondCurriculum Mentors.
Aaron Patel


Editor In Chief at Mental Magazine.
MA Student in Creative, Professional & Digital Writing.

Grace Mullholland

Wellbeing Student Mentor

Hospitality Operations & Area Management.
LLB Graduate.

Louchi Chlentzou-Vatougiou

Wellbeing Student Mentor

MRes Student in Social Science.

Zahra Akbar

Wellbeing Student Mentor

Peer Mentor for Young People.
Final Year BA Student in Education Studies with SEND.

Chloe Sherard

Wellbeing Student Mentor

PR and Communications Manager.
Upcoming MA Student in Counselling.

Akilah Cheung

Wellbeing Student Mentor

Honorary Assistant Psychologist.
3rd Year Student in Psychology.

Fatimah Chaudhry

Wellbeing Student Mentor

Vice President of Greenwich Education.
3rd Year Student in Education.