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Become a One/Third Mentee

A One/Third Mentee will benefit greatly from their dedicated, 1-2-1 mentor. Students will get unlimited ongoing support, even beyond a university offer.

Our aim is to give teach students essential tools to create a
sustainable balance between their studies and their mental well-being.

#BeyondCurriculum focuses on supporting a balance between wellbeing and education. But you will also be able to get involved in our workshops and action projects as a member.


Mentoring can give you a clearer vision of your future aspirations and hopes.
You provide the dreams, we'll provide the access.


Dedicated support from your mentor. They will be there for you up to, and beyond, your uni offer!

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Become a One/Third Mentor

Our hand-picked, volunteer Mentors will receive regular training opportunities and have personal understanding of difficulties experienced by students.

Mentors will also be able to request a reference once they have completed their minimum commitment.

Get FREE Training to ensure you have all of the skills you'll need to mentor a young person.

Gain experience in mentoring and working with young people, along with a reference, which can be put on your CV or LinkedIn Profile.

Directly helping students in the UK