About the One/Third Project.

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The One/Third Project is a youth-led organisation that supports students aged 16 - 21-years-old who have suffered from disadvantage or disruption to their education, resulting in a lack of wellbeing support and disengagement. 

Hannah is an award-winning young person, passionate about creating accessible education and welfare support for students. Often found speaking at events or on a podcast, Hannah encourages the use of youth voice in important subjects such as policy and education reform. 


Our vision is to tackle the way mental wellbeing and education disruption is handled within the curriculum, reducing the number of students who drop out of school, college and university due to mental health reasons. 


To create opportunity and community for young people to grow, develop and balance their situation with wellbeing while being encouraged to pursue their goals.


Being completely honest, open and accepting is extremely important to us. We are building a safe, diverse community that lifts and thrives.